Kamili is a swahili word that means without flaws. The male child needs to be mentored by the adult men who helps to mold and shape their character by encouraging personal expression, challenge harmful stereotypes and define positive values and qualities. This program provides a platform for boys to cultivate a healthy or balanced sense of masculinity in order to experience increased life satisfaction
and also self-esteem and decreased rates of mental health problems such as depression.


Sauti Yangu means my voice.
As we embrace inclusion, we are keen to provide a safe space where all school going children engage in conversations aimed at building their confidence, feeling authentic and open.This aims to support the improvement of performance, concentration and mental well-being among Students and teachers.


According to the Center for Poverty Research, there is only a 13% chance of transitioning out of poverty after being impoverished for seven years or more. Education is usually the best way to escape poverty but achieving success through education can seem unattainable for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. With the rising rate of inflation and the high education expectations that many entry-level positions have, students, specifically higher education students, need scholarships now more than ever. Learners from a family with low socioeconomic status may not have access to quality education and therefore through collaborations and partnerships, they are able to access scholarships from Tajizuri.


Dawati is the Swahili word for desk. Tajizuri works with schools in rural parts of Kenya, most of which have few if any desks. The inadequate number of desks means that children either sit on the floor and write on their laps of averagely 5-6 children squeeze on a desk that should serve 2 learners. How does one concentrate in such an uncomfortable classroom? This is why we work to improve the classroom and learning experience through desks program. Classroom setup is an important component in a learning environment because it is an essential piece of classroom management to support both teaching and learning. According to a study at the University of Salford, a well-designed classroom can boost student performance by up to 16 percent

Rafiki Mentorship

Rafiki is a swahili word that means friend. Everyone needs a friend whom they can confide in and seek both advice, share experience and help them navigate life. Such is the mentorship program we offer school-going children, teachers and caregivers. This is delivered through structured one on one and group sessions.



When a child feels safe and protected, their mental health and wellbeing is assured. It is extremely important to keep children safe. Tajizuri focuses on the child, the parent, and the teacher and offers training to other grassroots groups and development partners in order to create a safe ecosystem for children to thrive, know their rights, and call out for help in case of any form of abuse.


No one wants a child to go hungry. The program aims to help learners reach their education potential. As we provide them with access to fresh healthy meals as a tool to promote and impact a great leaning experience. Good nutrition positions a child for success by not only raising their chance for survival but also promoting cognitive development. This contributes to better outcomes in the classroom, supporting stronger human capital and economic development outcomes in a country.


This is a school-based program that targets young women and girls in both schools and the community with correct and consistent information around age appropriate sexual reproductive health Rights. This is delivered through Focused Group Discussions, sister to sister sessions and One on one sessions depending on the dynamics of the community


We raise awareness and encourage commitments and action to promote good oral health with all partner schools and centers. By leveraging thoughtfully coordinated efforts at the local schools and community, the voice of the oral health community can be amplified. Be Proud of Your Mouth.



These are community conversations on matters education geared to propel awareness creation, influence behavior and mindset change amongst community members. This program is built on the understanding that every community member has a role to play in promoting and enhancing the learning journey for children hence the need to collaborate and create a conducive environment for children to thrive.


Guided by the principle,’ If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime This is why we are intentional about investing in and building the capacity of the people we serve through providing various empowerment trainings and opportunities for them to become resilient. Through collaboration and partnerships, we continue to impact the lives of caregivers and out of school youths to be self-reliant hence building Strong communities that have a significant sense of purpose.


This program embraces the use of urban technology and farming to respond to climate change and food security. The learners, teachers and caregivers obtain both knowledge and skills in Agri Nutrition including but not limited to cone, hydroponic and vertical farming as a means to respond to household food security and promote income generating activities through selling home grown vegetables.

Part of the program involves planting of both indigenous and fruit trees around households and schools to cultivate a culture, awareness and response to curb climate change and its effects on our environment